Full Page Cache for Magento

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Full Page Cache for Magento

Full Page Cache for Magento

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Supercharge Magento's Performance with Brim's Full Page Cache (FPC). Full page caching ensures your content is always up to date with the auto refresh cache system and allows for easily configurable hole punching from the admin panel. With a quick and simple install, our FPC helps you achieve blazing fast page load times.

Magento Compatibility: Community - 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

License Type: Single Magento Instance

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Speed Up Magento Performance.
Improve Your Site’s Shopping Experience.

Speed matters. Numerous studies have shown that website load time can greatly impact bounce rate, conversions, and your bottom line. Speeding up Magento is a necessity. Even delays under half a second can cause customers to abandon their shopping cart.

Brim's Full Page Cache extension speeds up your Magento site so you can serve more content and convert more sales.

How It Works

Full Page Cache for Magento boosts the performance of your ecommerce site by reducing the load on your servers to increase page speed. Pages that used to take seconds now load in a fraction of the time (average .1s - .3s).

Stop losing customers to slow Magento pages. Get Brim's Full Page Cache today and accelerate your sales velocity.


  • Greatly improve your Magento performance, optimization, and page speeds.
  • Shrink your bounce rates.
  • Dramatically decrease your server load.
  • Reduce the number of required web servers.
  • Realize greater savings on server costs.
  • See greater return on your Magento investment.


  • New multi-level cache to serve pages even faster.
  • Supports block updates (hole punching) for recently viewed products, shopping cart, etc.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports mobile themes.
  • Easy to cache custom pages.
  • Dead simple installation – Unzip, empty cache, and enable via the Magento admin panel.
  • 100% open source.

Supported block updates

  • Recently viewed products
  • Shopping cart
  • Compare products
  • Wishlist
  • Account Links
  • Welcome

Have custom blocks? Don't worry they can be supported by writing simple block update container classes. Contact us to find out more.

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Full Page Cache Version 3.1.5 (1/21/2015)

  • Ships with Mage_Cache_Backend_File containing additional bug fixes.
  • Improved formkey pattern matching.
  • Added support for Manadev's layered navigation extension.

Full Page Cache Version 3.1.4 (8/25/2014)

  • Improved HTML Detection.
  • Improved recently viewed products block update.

Full Page Cache Version 3.1.3 (6/24/2014)

  • Added formkey replacement support for the level1 cache.
  • Added formkey replacement support for json encoded requests.
  • Added helper method to disable the page cache.
  • Fixed breadcrumbs container where the path was not correct based on last visited category.
  • Fixed use case where blocks without names could be hole punched.
  • Improved HTML response detection to prevent minification on non-html responses.

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  • Great extension and excellent support

    Great module, has really improved the speed of a big site which was running slowly under a bad Varnish config. Disabled Varnish, enabled Brim FPC - big improvement.

    The support is fantastic - Brian was really helpful and quick to respond with the pre-purchase question I asked. However, what really stuck out was how good he was with the issue I had in relation to another extension which was not working well with FPC (Ajax layered navigation). He is clearly very experienced with this as he was able to tell me how to modify the other module to work with it. Very impressive!

    -- Via Magento Connect

  • Great extension, great support!

    Alot faster than the free zoom fpc or lesti fpc and with support!
    They made it work on my custom theme and my webshop loads extremely fast now!
    Highly recommended.

  • The Best

    This must be the best module i have ever bought for my shop. Support is the best i have ever came accross. Pitty i can only give 5 stars because it is worth more.

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What Is Brim's Full Page Cache?

Brim's Full Page Cache decreases the time it takes to generate Magento pages.  By default, it caches product, category, and CMS pages, however additional pages may also be cached.  This means pages will be delivered to your customers faster and with much less load on your servers.

How Does It Work?

The first time a customer visits a website that uses our Full Page Cache extension, a cached page is created for any parts of the site they have yet to access. All of the pages the customer visits get stored in the cache. Each time a new customer accesses the website, the system retrieves a copy of the page from the cache instead of generating a new return. This process reduces the load on your servers and increases the speed of your site.

What are your recommended settings for the cache backend?

Most stores will benefit from splitting the full page cache backend from the standard Magento cache backend.  This can be done via System > Configuration > Full Page Cache > Storage Settings.

  • Use System Cache = "No"
  • Type = "File"
  • Path = "cache-fpc"

Based on the number of products, categories, and CMS pages you have in your store, File may not be a suitable backend choice, as it does have issues flushing the cache when it's very large.  Or, if you have multiple web servers, you will want to choose a backend designed to handle that configuration.  Here are our basic guidelines:

  • If you have one web server
    • If you have limited number of products use
      • APC, File or Database as the slow type
      • Optimized File (Magento CE 1.8+)
      • File
    • If you have many products use
      • Optimized File (Magento CE 1.8+)
      • Scalable File
  • If you have multiple web servers use
    • Memcached, Database as the slow type
    • Redis (Magento CE 1.8+ required & Brim's FPC 3.1+)